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Denise Morris Curt
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   The first thing you see on Denise's Web site is "The Connecticut Limner." What's a Limner? Denise explains; "A limner practices the ancient art of limning, where paint is made primarily from ground gemstones and mineral particles." Limning i susually done on wood panels, Denise says, adding "The wood breathes with the changes in temperature and humidity. Normal oil-based paints don't adhere to the wood as well."

Denise studied at Yale and then under Renaissance master limner Gabriel Lucchetti. Some of the materials she uses are as rare as the ancient art she practices. For instance, the woman's dress (above left) is made from red Chinese sealing wax and her red hair from clay oils rich in iron oxide.

Denise uses melted amber and bees' wax as varnish. But she still needs a wood surface on which to paint. For that, music conductors throughout the country send their broken wood instruments to Denise so she can give them a "new song."

Denise began producing shows in Milford, Connecticut in 1961. "Early in the game, there were no canopies," Denise recalls. "You could actually fit a number of more booths than you can now." In addition to two shows in Milford, she also produces two in Mystic, to the east.

Denise loves to give advice to her artists. For example, her latest sage suggestion is, "Dress for success, don't be talking on your cell phone or reading the newspaper, and remember that your attitude projects to your customers."

-- by Joe Halbrucker                                                                                                                                                    June 2009

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