Stilled Instruments Sing Again.

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#1 cello back "Stilled Just Sing Again"

Emerald green, garnet, amethyst, gold leaf, topaz, mica.

28"h x 15 1/2"w $450.00

#2 Cello Antique Circa 1873

Blonde, barefoot, flautist. Black background

27 H x 15 1/2 W $450.00 SOLD

#3 Cello "Sunset"

Red hair knotted @ cello back seam. White mica, amethyst shaded rake.

27 3/4 H x 15 3/4 W $500.00

#4 Cello "Flame Of Nadia

29" H x 17" W $400.00 SOLD


#8 Cello

Flautist in lapis blue, garnet/rose wreath, Blonde in yellow sienna soil, Violin is actual finish of cello
On display in Tel Aviv, International Gina Gallery of Naive Art


#9 Antique cello

blue (Turquoise sky) "Kind Words Are Music To The Heart" on rose banner. gold leaf mica/topaz wings

30"H x 17 1/4 W $400.00 - SOLD

#24 Banjo

Red haired, golden winged angel

29"H x 10 /12"W $250.00 - SOLD

# 10

Twilight Music 14"H X 8"W $300.00 SOLD


Violin Front W Painted Neck 23" X 8"



Violin of black- haired angel, golden gown and wings of Frankincense, amber garnet robe and painted neck w. cherub

On display in Tel Aviv, International Gina Gallery of Naive Art

8-1/2" x 15"


Antonio Cremona Violin w Painted Scroll Neck
8-1/2" x 15" $500.00 - SOLD


Mermaid On Back Of Antique Mandolin.

14"H X 12"W $250.00 - SOLD


Violin Back
8-1/2" x 15" $300.00 SOLD


Cello, Full body, Painted Neck

45H x 65 1/2 W

Garnet Pink Gown, Amethyst Violet Vest




8-1/2"H x 15"W

Gathering violets in Spring



Antique Mandolin Mermaid Harpist SOLD


Gypsy Tambourine/Summer Antique Violin
5" x 8"
Emerald Gown/Gold Dust Hair $350.00



Twachman Children on Violin

Portrait Commission

Caribbean Enchantress of Dreams
Antique Violin
Caribbean Enchantress of Dreams



Double Violins

8-1/2" x 15"$350.00



Diva with a voice as strong as a tree, and as beautiful as lillies.

8-1/2" x 15"

Little Angel on Antique German Violin
Antique German Violin

Little Angel - Merry Christmas to all of you!

8-1/2" x 15"



Flame Cello


"A Flame"



Painted Full Guitar Commission
Guitar Commission for a Mystic Collector.