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Angel Bower

Denise_Working_Ready.jpg (32679 bytes)

Applying gold leaf over vermillion sulfur and 
heated by the Limners breath

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Roundel of the

Four Seasons-3ft.diameter


The Alchemist Art, photo of wall of minerals

The Alchemists art...the elixir of life is to magically transmute stilled voices into painted Visual Music.

Split screen of the wall presentation of the Limner's work

Portraits, Goddess', winged messengers on ancient carved French panels from the 17th to 20th century.  Bass, Cello, Comb Cases, Dowery Chests, Headboards, Lute, Mandolin, Pochette, Shaker Hand Mirrors, Violins or your own heirloom panel.

THe Studio is Graced with Silenced Instruments

The studio ceiling is graced with silenced Instruments.

The Photo Studio with Ancient Stained Glass Windows

The photo studio with ancient stained glass windows and antique violins waiting for a musician or
the Limner's brush.

The Seafarers Wall

The seafarers wall in the studio.

Raw Amber, red Ceiling Wax

Raw Amber, Red Ceiling Wax, unground Lapis Lazuli await the grinding to become pigments.

Welcome to the Studio

Welcome to Angel Bower.

A Pleasant Refuge

A pleasant refuge to breathe in the perfumed air.

Scented Pergola in May

The wisteria laden pergola in Mid May, scenting the air surrounding Angel Bower.

Welcome to Angel Bower

The Carriage House studio entrance.

Angel Bower in early Spring

Angel Bower in early Spring.

Atelier Snowed Away
Atelier Snowed Away.

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