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A glimpse into the Limner's Bower

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Stilled violins hang above an Oak English carved headboard of the 18th century painted with lapis lazuli, tempera pigments and milk curd, emerald and tourmaline particles, frankincense and amber resins.

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 Carved reclining mermaid points the way to the 2nd floor photo gallery


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The 1798 carriage house shelves now hold hundred of vials of ancient liquids and chemicals, lake colors and fresco pigments, varnish ingredients with recipes going back to the 14th century, clay soils and sifted earth, jars of tempera, natural amber, bees wax, and copal resins, young grape vine shoots charred to make ink and outlining subjects.

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A large cello resplendent with mica and garnet angel wings, amethyst violets adorn the bodice, copper filings glint from the clay soil hair, the angel musician on the front of a cello ($1,500)


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A gold leafed cello has a new visual voice..."Nocturnal Serenade" Brazilian amethyst, Columbian emeralds, tourmaline, topaz sparkle from the musicians hair and gown. Garlands of flowers representing the beauties and indefinable description of music, flow gracefully from her cello ($1,250)

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A variety of panel paintings, stilled stringed instruments, and archaic objects in Angel Bower

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The Alchemists Laboratory shelves...filled with antique vessels holding secret recipes and chemicals of yesteryear