Timeless Beauty Through the Limner's Lens


Romantic Renaissance Reflections

    Denise Morris Curt, a painter of the Renaissance school, known internationally as the Connecticut Limner, has focused her artist's eye through the camera lens illuminating another facet of her creativity.

    Concentrating on ancient dwelling places, portals and windows, retaining the spirit of myriad people who gazed through 12th century glass colored by the elements, tempered by the seasons, reflecting timeless places and persons. Searching the world over to find the beautiful, interpreting it with wonderment and evoking emotion in the viewer.

    Pagan temples, sacred groves, magic glimpses, towering spires, enchanted time lapses, mythical fantasies, inspirational sights and archaic architecture. Gentle portrait renditions of contemporary goddesses and children reflecting the inner being.

    An astounding collection that magically lures you down a path of intriguing shadow and into the distant light, triggering your imagination, recreating a scene one senses and has at last captured.

    Having gathered her inspiration from every continent, she shares this joyful exuberance internationally with her many collectors and patrons.

In the Permanent Collections of:

Maple Leaf Records, Alberta, Canada

Coldwell Banker/George J. Smith Co.

Mail Boxes ETC. U. S. A.

Bridgeport Hospital

Harvey Hubbell World Corporate Headquarters

Gallery Exhibitions Include:

Yale University

New Haven, CT


Chapelle de Jean Cocteau


Cote d'Azur, France


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